Logan and Lindsey Falzone – Southern Twin Cities Wedding


Logan + Lindsey’s Wedding

July 21, 2018

I first met Logan and Lindsey through a dentist, who doubled as a wedding florist, that Lindsey and I had in common. While it was definitely a unique word-of-mouth connection, I quickly found myself adoring them both and how beautifully they loved one another!

Logan and Lindsey got married at St. Michael’s Catholic Church in Farmington, Minnesota and their reception was at Crystal Lake Golf Club in Lakeville, Minnesota.

My favorite part of their wedding day was how patient, kind, relaxed, and in love they both were throughout the whole day. Everyone could see the love between them and they were smiling all day! Golden hour brought for a jaw-dropping moment, and the whole bridal party was a BLAST! I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did capturing them! 🙂

More about Logan + Lindsey

How they met:
Bride: “We met in our freshmen introduction to engineering class in college (Fall 2013). We were put on the same project along with 3 other people who decided not to help out at all. So Logan and I had to do the work of 5 people to get the project completed in time. Logan and I spent a lot of late nights together working on the project. After the project was done, Logan asked me out and things have been amazing ever since!”

How he proposed:
Bride: “We had been talking about getting married for a while but Logan refused to give me any details about when/where/how he was going to ask me. By the time senior year was wrapping up, I was dying to find out but still he gave me no clues! This past August, he got a new filter for his camera (Logan loves photography stuff, he just got into it a couple of years ago) and so he wanted to go “try it out” at Minnehaha falls. This didn’t raise any red flags to me because this is not something out of the ordinary and plus, i didn’t even think he had a ring picked out yet. So we get to Minnehaha falls and he is taking pictures of the falls but since there was a lot of people there, he wanted to walk down towards the Mississippi River. When we got there, he decides he wants to do a time lapse which takes at least an hour. So we are sitting and talking and all of a sudden he starts reaching into his pocket. I told him, you know some day you will purpose to me just like this. He didn’t comment on that at all, he just keeps digging in his pocket. At this point I’m already crying but I don’t know if he is just messing with me or if he is actually purposing. It turns out the ring fell out of the box (which he himself made for my ring) and so after he found the ring, he got down on one knee and asked if I wanted to marry him and of course I said yes :)”

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2597.jpg

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Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2563.jpg

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Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2667.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-3388.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-3409.jpg

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Logan and Lindsey Wedding-1452.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-3141.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4039.jpg

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Logan and Lindsey Wedding-3251.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-3204.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-3132.jpg

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Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4701.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4729.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4640.jpg

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Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4779.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4765.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-1980.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2060.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4338.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2165.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4537.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2470.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4988.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5041.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-4937.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2516.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2553.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-2570.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5417.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5326.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5592.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5349.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5631.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5648.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5624.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5673.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5714.jpg

Logan and Lindsey Wedding-5612.jpg

This last photo is special to Logan and Lindsey because Logan is super talented at nature photography, but the one subject that is featured in his images is the back of his beautiful bride’s head. Check out his Instagram (@loganfalzone) to see the photos like this of when they were dating!: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmjlA_slxGz/?taken-by=loganfalzone

Lindsey White Photography
Instagram: @lindseywhitephoto
Effie’s Bridal in Burnsville. Dress is MJ361
952 892 7699

Weddings Your Way Floral & Events
Holly Ulland
phone: 612-597-6474
email: holly.weddingsyourway@gmail.com
website: https://www.facebook.com/Weddings-Your-Way-Floral-Events-404498729670672/

Bride’s Hair: Family friend, Danielle.
Bridesmaid’s Hair: Family friend, Heidi.
Ceremony Venue:
St. Michael’s Catholic Church
22120 Denmark Ave, Farmington, MN 55024
website: http://www.stmichael-farmington.org/

Reception Venue:
Crystal Lake Golf Club
Diane Sprague is in charge
Her phone: 952 432 2140 ext 3
16725 Innsbrook Drive, Lakeville, MN 55044
DJ/ Entertainment Services:
Bill Millard
Phone: 651 334 7211
Email: bill0525@gmail.com

Ashley Bayne Videography
Phone: 651 307 7145
Email: ashleybaynevideography@yahoo.com
Website: https://www.ashleybayne.com/
Crystal Lake Golf Club
Bridesmaids Dresses:
Long Mesh Dress with Cowl Back Detail – Marine
Davids Bridal
phone: 612-869-7777
website: http://www.davidsbridal.com/Product_long-mesh-dress-with-cowl-back-detail-f15933
Groomsmen and Groom attire:
Mens Wearhouse
https://tuxedo.menswearhouse.com/ group ID: 7668042

Groom: Joseph Abboud Navy Satin Edged Notch Lapel Tuxedo with a Duet Petal Faille Euro Tie and Joseph Abboud Light Grey Vest

Groomsmen: Joseph Abboud Light Gray Satin Edged Notch Lapel Tuxedo with a Monaco Navy tie and Joseph Abboud Navy Vest
Amiee Burke (Groom’s Cousin).
Email: otisandgus@gmail.com
Preferred Limousine (952 513 2616) is our transportation between the ceremony and the reception.

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