Phillip and Lizzy’s Summer Engagement Session


June 5th, 2019

Phillip and Lizzy’s engagement session was located on Philip’s personal land that is full of open fields and a lake. We had to reschedule on account of rain, but on the day of the engagement session, the weather was perfect and the sun came out! Phillip and Lizzy were prepared with different locations on the land that they enjoyed together. I made recommendations on the outfits that best coordinated together and we began exploring! Philip and Lizzy were so patient, loving, and helpful to each other. I can’t wait for your wedding day you two!! 

How they met:

“We have known each other for most of our lives. Our families knew of each other as we grew up in the same town and attended the same Catholic Church. Philip was home schooled and my dad, who is an elementary school teacher,  would help him and his brothers with reading. We also knew each other through the youth group at our church. Our families would usually site in the same area at mass growing up as well.”

– Lizzy

Their first date:

“Our first date was the Buffalo Rodeo on Friday June 24, 2017. Earlier in the week, I received a text message from Philip asking if I would want to go to the Buffalo rodeo with him. (He asked for my number from a friend) I said yes, and the rest was history. 

We still love going to rodeos. One of our favorite dates consist of us going to his land (same place where he proposed)  and spending the evenings there. In the summer we go swimming in the river, trap shoot, have a bonfire and usually end with a movie under the stars.”

– Lizzy

How he proposed:

“We have been engaged since December 22, 2018. Philip really outdid himself on the proposal…:) It was later in the afternoon when Philip and I where discussing what we wanted to do for the rest of the night. After a couple minutes of trying to plan something he said, “Lets just go out to my land, walk around, and fly the drone a little.” I thought it sounded like a great idea as his land is beautiful and I always love going out there with him. Once we got to his land (it is in Santiago MN) he looked and me and told me to put his hat on over my eyes so I couldn’t see. He then drove a little farther into his land and told me to wait in the truck for a couple mins. So at this point I was in the truck (kinda freaking out) blindfolded waiting for Philip to come back. It was only a few minutes until he opened my door and carried me out of the truck. After he set me down He held my hand and told me I could take the hat off. As I took the hat off I was in shock. We where standing at the foot of a huge cross that Philip had shoveled off on a pond. The cross was lined with Christmas lights and roses. He then looked at me with his handsome smile and asked if I was ready. After I said yes we walked to the center of the cross where Philip said some very sweet words, got down on one knee and asked me to be his bride. It was a very special moment. It was just us, in the middle of his land on a beautiful winter evening. After I said yes to being his bride we soaked up the moment by dancing to a few songs on the ice.”

– Lizzy

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