Quentin and Barbara’s Outdoor Tent and Games Engagement Session in Edina, Minnesota



I used to work with Barb at Buffalo Wild Wings when I was in high school, so when she asked me to photographer her wedding, I was so excited!!

Quentin and Barb are such a beautiful couple that love to have fun and laugh together. Their chemistry and love are undeniable! Barb mentioned how her and Quentin love playing games and geeking out together so I suggested a fun outdoor tent idea and they nailed the whole look by bringing lots oof their favorite games!

What I loved about this session was that we got going a little early to set up the tent, so we had so much time to really just hangout. I let them actually play a game, we didn’t rush anything, and they truly just got to enjoy the session like a date that involved dressing up cute, playing game, dancing, walks around Centennial Lakes Park, and ending the evening with a delicious meal and cocktail at Pinstripes to pick out their photos!

The best and most unique engagement sessions are always the ones that incorporate interests and hobbies that a couple shares. You’ll feel more comfortable, you’ll have more fun, and the emotion in the photos will look more genuine! That’s truly what made this session so much fun!


“So I’m a sucker for the movie P.S. I love You, and of course he knows that. Because of this, he wrote me 7 different letters giving me a different thing to do (pick out a specific outfit, go to a location, etc). With each of these letters there was also a special Pokemon card (because we love Pokemon). Each of these Pokemon cards were “my ideal Pokemon team” which was a conversation we had on one of our first dates. We ended up picking up my college roommate and best friend, Peggy, and going to the Lincoln Park Conservatory in Chicago. While in the fern room, he gave me the last letter. While I was reading the letter, he got down on his knee and pulled out the ring box and a drawing he made which had “will you marry me?” in it. It was beautiful and there were OH so many emotions. The reason we picked up Peggy, it turns out, was so she could capture the moment.” – Barb


“I love that he is the sweetest, most loving, and selfless person I have ever met. He is also just SO funny and dorky that I feel so comfortable being myself around him. He can make even the worst days brighter.” – Barb

“What isn’t there to love about her? She is so sweet and her happiness is contagious! When we are being all cute, we elevate the dingus level of the other. We geek out over Pokemon and other similar things from our childhood. I love everything about her! Her laugh, her eye rolls, her cute happy face, her humor, her desire for adventure, the way she makes me a better man by just being a pure individual, and by never being afraid of the lengths that I go through to show her how much I love her!” – Quentin

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